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About MSD Markets

MSD Markets, operating technology driven street markets that are modern, innovative and sustainable

  • History

    MSD Markets was started in 2016 alongside our own outdoor markets consultancy service. 

    MSD Markets is focused on creating technology driven markets which adhere to the traditions of street trading. Our goal is to use convenience technology to reconnect communities to local traders.

  • Vision

    To reconnect communities with the best local independent manufacturers, suppliers and traders.

    Our vision is to see the traditions of street markets retained but enhanced and made more relevant to the millennial generation by using technology to increase the convenience and interactive capabilities of street trading.

  • Approach

    Being a technology driven business we leverage the data available to us to increase the productivity and performance of our markets. This includes the demographic mix and commodity mix of our markets.

    With the advent of mobile banking and payment technology, consumers are leaning more towards the use of contactless technology. This shift also means that markets work more effectively and loses are minimised as result of clear audit trails.

  • Goals

    As a basic minimum across our markets we strive to achieve an occupancy level of 85%. Using our attendance data and trader benchmarking, we rotate our traders to ensure that we always have the most reliable traders out at all times.


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Operations Director

8 years industry experience as both market officer and commercial officer of traditional markets.

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Derek martindale

Development Director

15 years of experience as market officer, market manager and as a development manager.


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