I spent some time this week looking through the cost of employing experienced staff. I used a number of calculators and read a number of articles which broke down the costs associated with bringing resource into an organisation.

The challenge for most is that the investment is heavy but there is no guarantee that the resource they have brought on is the right fit. They run the risk that the employee will not make it through the probation period for a number of reasons or may not perform as required. Each of these have a costly outcome for the organisation and then the cycle is repeated.

Having worked a consultant for over 10 years I have an appreciation for the benefit it offers an organisation. The cost implications are much lower and the contractual terms mean that there is no pain when it doesn’t work out.

We created MSD Consultants to offer the same flexibility to the street markets industry. Our services are designed to allow organisations to flex resource in and out as demand fluctuates.

As a team of experienced consultants and specialists in the street market industry there is no training and development overhead for organisations who use our resources, instead they get a resource who can hit the ground running, manage his/her workload and work with minimal supervision.

The fact is, the world is changing and the approach to resourcing teams needs to change. Graduates are looking for opportunities that offer them more work life balance and organisations cannot afford to spend excessively on sourcing staff to them replace them again.

With the introduction of MSD Consultants we hope to help organisations overcome some of these challenges.

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